Sync-O-Matic as downloaded can be run forever without any passwords or registration as long as you don't mind the little nagging Splash screen. We believe the the best software is free. It is acceptible to use the software forever (commercial or educational) without any form of registration. But we hope you do a little more. If you don't register, please come back from time to time to check for a new version because we have no way of contacting you.

Free Registration

To eliminate the nagging splash screen all you need is a free registration code which you get immediately upon joining the Sync-O-Matic users mailing list. Signing up is a good idea because you will also be notified of new versions of the software which come out from time to time.

To sign up, go to and enter your E-Mail address.

You will immediately get a response contining the "secret" code to unlock Sync-O-Matic.

If you have any problems getting the password, send a note to

Paying for Full Registration

You can purchase a full registration for the product by sending $30.00 (US Funds) Check or Money Order to:

Computer Resource Services
1537 Holbrook Dr.
Holt, MI 48842

Be sure to include your real address and E-Mail address with your check so we can get the registration to you as quickly as possible.