About Sync-O-Matic 2000

Sync-O-Matic development started at Michigan State University in 1996. Sync-O-Matic was developed by Dr. Charles Severance so he could produce web-based lectures for his on-line course EGR124 - Internet and Technology.

Since late 1998, all the development for the product has continued as part of Computer Resource Services. A small but dedicated development team puts in long hours because of a belief in the idea of web-based lectures.

Sync-O-Matic is currently in use in hundreds of locations around the world. One of these days we will make a little map with pins in it and put it up on the web.

Sync-O-Matic was developed with the philosophy that the best software is the free software. To that end, we are committed to always having a non-beta, non-expiring, completely-free, and minimally nagging version avialable at no charge. Also we are committed to not ever charging for any upgrades. If the product ever moves into the commercial domain, part of the agreement will be to give all of the registered users at that point lifetime free licenses.

Some of the source code for Sync-O-Matic is available. If you are interested in the entire source code, contact the author for terms and details.